Our Founder

A Master’s Hands, LLC was founded in 2008 by Jim Bartlett after he spent over 30 years doing handyman work for family and friends in Colorado, California, Indiana, Connecticut, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Illinois.
Jim BartlettDuring most of these years, Jim worked in the high-tech industry until he “retired” from the corporate world and determined there was a real need for his hands in service to those who needed help around the house, or condo. After helping several families with dozens of projects like those outlined in Our Services page, Jim decided to start his handyman business “officially” — including the creation of this website. A Master’s Hands, LLC is fully insured, and licensed as a Class-C General Contractor (#C080498)
Jim spent many years as an apprentice to his father and grandfather, who were both master craftsmen themselves. Thus, he has acquired a wealth of practical knowledge and experience in all facets of home repair and maintenance, as well as woodworking.Subsequent to founding A Master’s Hands, Jim co-founded a renewable energy company in response to market demand for affordable solutions in this category.  In January 2010 Arise Energy Solutions, LLC was born. We closed Arise Energy in 2018 after 8 successful years in business, so we could focus more of our own energy on Automation Brains, LLC – our home automation systems company. Those seeking smart-home solutions should contact Automation Brains.
No job is too small for us to consider. We have a large assortment of professional equipment, and can bring what’s required with us to your home site. We’re fully insured and are committed to 100% client satisfaction. Check out our testimonials page to get a sense of how our clients feel about us and the work we do.
We have no more important goal each day than to ensure we have the tools, knowledge and expertise to consistently deliver quality workmanship in everything we do, at a fair price. Our most important asset is you — our customer.  Click here to read our mission statement.
Questions about A Master’s Hands?  Read our Q&A