Energy Saving Tips for Winter Time

Now that the winter season has officially started and we’ve also rolled into a brand new year, many people on fixed / limited incomes, or those who simply want to make more frugal choices around the home, are seeking new opportunities to save money on their energy bills. Here’s some simple energy- (and money-) saving tips that you may be able to put to work in your home immediately!

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Taking Care of Your Hot Water Heater

A client recently called us with a complaint of no hot water and the following symptoms regarding his Hot Water Heater: When he first found there wasn’t any hot water he relit the pilot light, and then fired up the burner. However, when he checked on it a couple of hours later, the water was still cold, the gas burner was off again, and the pilot was, once again, also not burning.

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Green Home Retrofit Checklist

Even if the home you live in now is far from green, and you’re not planning a major renovation anytime soon, there is plenty you can do to start living in a greener, healthier home. Here are some project ideas:

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HB 09-1091

Carbon Monoxide Detector Bill Introduced in Colorado 2009 General Assembly
HB 09-1091 was just introduced in the Colorado General Assembly and by all accounts is on the fast track to passage.

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How to Fix the Economy

The fix:

In a word, it has to do with housing.

The plan: Part of the anticipated economic stimulus plan is likely to include provisions of a “Fix Housing First Homebuyer Tax Credit” bill introduced by U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia.

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Replacing Support Posts

Replacing A Rotten Support Post

Exterior decks on older homes are often supported by 4×4 posts that are “untreated” lumber and become rotten over time, requiring replacement. A recent client of mine needed this kind of work done and contacted us to help with the project.

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