Here’s Our Recommended Solution for Cleaning Dirty / Stinky Dishwashers!

This amazing product will clean iron stains, calcium buildup and soap residues from your entire wash system! It’s safe for all makes and models, and will not affect septic systems! DISHWASHER MAGIC

DISHWASHER MAGIC® is the solution:

Dishwasher MAGIC uses a patent-pending application technology to deliver a revolutionary cleaning solution directly into your dishwasher during the cleaning cycle. When used monthly as recommended, DISHWASHER MAGIC, will result in optimum cleaning performance of your automatic
dishwasher, limit repairs and extend the life of the machine.

The company’s tag line is: “DROP IT IN, TURN IT ON, ITS ALL GONE”®

We agree – DISHWASHER MAGIC couldn’t be easier to use. Simply remove the outer cap, place the bottle upside down in the silverware rack of an empty dishwasher, close the door and start the normal wash cycle. Because DISHWASHER MAGIC is specially designed to begin working at the right moment, there is no spilling, mess or cleanup.

The DISHWASHER MAGIC 12-ounce bottle is custom designed to fit in all standard-size silverware baskets used across the industry. If, however, the bottle does not fit in the basket, the consumer can insert the bottle in the upper rack, and use a rubber band to hold the product in place against the prongs of the rack


DISHWASHER MAGIC features a patent-pending delivery technology that is designed to provide maximum cleaning power at just the right time. When the water during the normal wash cycle reaches 125°F, the solution is released into the machine to combine with the heated water to dissolve scale and scum, remove stains and clean the appliance.


Once released in the dishwasher, the solution in DISHWASHER MAGIC increases the solubility of lime scale buildup. The surfactant contained in the solution then dissolves soap scum and food oils and greases that are left behind during the normal operation of the machine. After the lime scale and greases have been dissolved, they are flushed away by the normal rinsing cycle of the dishwasher. At the end of the cycle, simply discard the now-empty bottle.


DISHWASHER MAGIC is recommended for use monthly, to maintain optimal performance of the dishwasher. This usage prevents lime scale, soap scum, food and mineral stains from building up and diminishing the overall performance and appearance of the appliance.

FOR FIRST TIME USERS: If you have an older dishwasher, or one with extensive build up, more than one application of DISHWASHER MAGIC may be necessary. Using DISHWASHER MAGIC monthly you will prevent heavy accumulation from recurring.

SAFE FOR OUR WORLD – DISHWASHER MAGIC is environmentally safe. Because it’s non-corrosive, DISHWASHER MAGIC will not harm your appliance, plumbing or sewer or septic systems.

In the unlikely event of an accidental spill, clothing should be immediately removed and rinsed in warm water and then washed with soap. If the product comes in contact with skin, the affected area should be washed with soap and water for 15 minutes. If irritation occurs, a physician should be contacted. As with all cleaning products, keep DISHWASHER MAGIC out of reach of children.

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