Water Savings Tips

Save 50% or more on water bills — Simple Solutions!

Did you know that:

  • By 2013, 36 US states expect to be facing serious water shortages
  • Less than 3% of the world’s water supply is fresh water, with much of that 3% being inaccessible?
  • We can’t significantly increase our supply of fresh water
  • All we can do is learn how to conserve and be better stewards with the resource we already have!
  • The best way to do that is to change the way we use water!

By learning how to use water more efficiently, we’ll not only help conserve our water supply, and protect our environment — we’ll also
save money!

It all starts at home!

Here are more surprising facts:

  • 40% of household indoor water use is for toilets!
  • 55 billion gallons of water are flushed down the drain each day in the US.
  • 9 out of 10 visits to the bathroom don’t require a full flush of the toilet

In the typical home today, each person flushes a toilet 5 times, 4 for fluid waste and once for solid waste.  Depending on the age of the toilet, it will use between 1.6- and 7 gallons per flush (GPF).   Most toilets (all those manufactured before 1994) have a 3.5-gallon tank, and thus a 3.5-gallon flush — they waste about 2 gallons of water per flush — water that could use used for drinking!   Experts estimate that toilets use between 25 and 40% of the total water consumed in the average home daily; thus they represent one of the biggest areas of waste that can be easily addressed when seeking to improve water conservation.

One solution is to replace existing toilets with modern, low-volume, Dual Flush Toilets. 
Different volumes of water are set to correspond to a flush for #1 and one for #2.
The old way?  Single flush toilet…one flush fits all.

Here’s the problem:  With single-flush toilets, the same amount of water is used with every flush — no matter the amount or type of waste that needs to go down the drain.  For newer toilets, that’s 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF), but older toilets use 3.5 or even as much as 7 GPF!  Therefore, if each person flushes five times per day, the water usage adds up to 12,775 gallons per year, per person!

New improved way: Dual flush toilet.

Benefit: Two flush settings: One flush for #1 (liquid) and one for #2 (solids).  The exact flush amounts vary by specific toilet, but typically the #1 flush uses as little as 0.8 gpf, and the #2 flush uses 1.28 or 1.6 gpf.

Water savings:  Potential savings of 4,634 gallons/year per person, based on switching from a 3.5-gallon single flush to a 1.6/0.8-gallon dual flush.  Double this if you have an older (7 GPF) toilet.  Cut the estimated savings in half if you already have a 1.6-GPF toilet.  These numbers assume there are five flushes per day per person, with four flushes for liquid and one for solids.  Money Savings will range from $50 to $100 per year, per person (depending on your local utility rates).   We can help you calculate your potential savings, based on the specifics of your home situation.

Don’t want to replace your beloved existing toilets?  Here’s another great option:  Have a Retro-fit kit installed.  Dual-flush valve kits can be installed in roughly 90% of existing toilets, helping to achieve similar levels of water conservation on most toilets, without swapping out the existing the toilet fixtures.   These kits are available as of May, 2009. 

Feel free to contact A Master’s Hands now to discuss whether this kit is an option for your toilets, and to plan scheduling of the kit installation work, so you can begin helping conserve water in your home!